The Director, Samuel Smith is a registered Architect who has over 20 years experience in Architecture. The practice has a wide base of expertise and skills including residential home design creating custom homes, interior architecture, interior design and commercial design with accommodation including motel design a particular strength.

At Samuel Smith Architects we have an environment that integrates innovative 'outside the square' thinking with our professional edge to generate inspired high quality, innovative and cost effective solutions.

We welcome our clients as team members, supplementing their hands-on experience with professional proficiency. Your home or business is an extension of you. It reflects your individuality, your lifestyle and your interests.

Working as a team we listen, recognise and discuss needs, aspirations, budgets and critical options making possible informed decisions. Throughout all stages of building design and building construction this assists in achieving a solution that not only satisfies the practical requirements but also creates an uplifting environment in which to work or live.

Green design is a commonsense commitment that can provide cost-efficient construction options in addition to reduced on-going running costs and increased capital value. We believe tools such as the Greens Star Standard are a yardstick against which all future buildings and environments will be measured. Environmental impact and energy usage/reduction are fundamental to creating sustainable designs that enhance comfort and create a healthy lifestyle environment.

Samuel Smith Architects, as a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) has access to their contracts and resources.